Branding and illustration for “Legends Rising,” a documentary series following five of the world’s most prominent League of Legends pros.

Client: Riot Games / Art Direction: Andrew Conti, Casey Britt


Focusing in on some of the biggest names in the League of Legends world, this documentary series takes a look behind the scenes at who each player is and the history they bring to the spotlight.

For each player, a separate identity was designed to help reference their location, their personality, and their playing persona.

A Show of Reality

Many of the players battle a duality of roles in life. Their superstar nature is often the result of an unsuspecting “real” life.

Humanizing these young superstars is the primary focus of this series, so a combination of familiar environments contrasted against illustrated title frames and snapshots of home life perfectly exemplifies what it takes to become a legend.

Expressive letterforms throughout the series is a cornerstone to communicating the story as a whole.

A custom font was developed to help enhance the raw, energetic line strokes of the logotype.