The “Phantom Collection” is a capsule series of menswear designed and manufactured in collaboration with Stock Mfg. in Chicago, Illinois.

Swift and Silent

The Phantom Collection was inspired by the iconic bomber squadrons of WWII that bore names like “the Red Devils,” “Thunderbirds,” and “Bomber Barons.” Despite the inherent danger and grimness of the task at hand, these squads brought a spark of charisma and wit to their assignments with intimidating nicknames and colorful, vivid iconography.

The “Phantom Squadron” is meant to evoke a creeping dread in the enemy. Once you hear the dull drone of engines in the distance, it’s already too late; The Phantom has struck when you least expected it.

Throughout the collection, there are visual discoveries telling the story of the famed and feared Phantoms.

Don’t Turn Your Back

The Phantom Shirt is based on the classic Stock buttondown, elevated with custom artwork embroidered on the pocket, as well as screen printed inner yoke and inner cuffs.

Crafted from premium 100% cotton Japanese chambray, the Phantom shirt also features a selvedge pocket and gussets.

There is no shortage of obsession within the details of this collection.